4 Tips To Use Microwave Oven Safely

Microwave Oven, familiar easy-to-use home equipment for every house worker, plays a vital role in real time. However, not everyone knows how to increase its efficiency, safety and durability. There are some useful tips which help you to make use of microwave and preserve the performance of this equipment.

  1. Pay attention when cooking

Using microwave oven safely begins with the understanding of proper use. You can learn more about simple 7 steps to operate an oven before getting started. Moreover, time, processing and temperature are different for each food type which you should keep an eye on.

  • Follow the instruction of manufacture for operating procedures and safety precautions. Never operate the oven when the door open or close carelessly or otherwise damaged. Avoid running the oven when it is empty.
  • Cover dishes with a lid or plastic wrap which will help to create the moist heat and destroy harmful bacteria.
  • For foods with shells such as eggs, potatoes, shellfish…, you should puncture a small hole on the surface or dice foods to avoid explosion because of the temperature increase.
  • Cook large cuts of meats on medium power to heat the center without overcooking the outer areas.
  • Liquids such as milk or gruel should be put in wide-mouth containers to prevent the breakage or spilling.
  • For canned foods, you should pour the food into bowls, plates and then reheated. To heat dry food such as ham or sausage, add a cup of water in the oven.
  • Immediately move the partial microwaved food to the other heat source. Never store these partially cooked foods for later use which may do harm to your healthy.
  • Before defrosting, make the food unpackaged. Remaining this packaging when defrosting may cause harmful chemicals which then migrate into food.
  • Use a food thermometer to determine the food whether it reach a safe minimum internal temperature which is different among foods. Depending on the power and efficiency of each oven, the cooking time may vary.
  • Don’t cook whole, stuffed poultry in a microwave oven. Because of the size, this food may not attain to the required temperature to eliminate harmful bacteria.
  • Never use oven to cook bacon or marinated pork because these foods are rick in nitric, which then will become nitrosamines – a cause of cancel and not good for your health and your family.
  1. Food containers

  • The most important notice is never using metal utensil or plastic dishes with metal decoration to cook or defrost the food. Metal containers may have the risk of fire. In case using plastic dishes, these containers do not have good heat resistance, so that they are easily to be deformed or even melting, possibly causing harmful chemicals. “Leave at least one inch between plastic wrap and food before heating” – according to Rob Danoff, an osteopathic family physician in Philadelphia.
  • Should use cookware which is allowed to use with microwave. You can also use wax paper, parchment paper or white paper towels to wrap your dishes.
  1. Position of microwave

  • Plug the device into a separate power source; make sure the socket to be fixed.
  • Never put microwave on the ground or places with high humidity or combustible materials or high temperature facilities such as gas stove or refrigerator. It is extremely dangerous because when the ovens explode, these utensils are at the risk of explosions as well.

  1. Clean up microwave

  • Take the limit of using strong chemical detergent to scour turntable plates inside the oven.
  • Disconnect the power before starting cleaning the oven. It is the best to clean inside ovens with a soft towel which is dipped in vinegar or lemon juice.
  • If microwave has smells, just put a bowl of lemon juice into the oven and cook for about 5 – 7 minutes. By this way, you can get rid of this bad smell easily.
  • When cooking food in the microwave, it is likely that the water will be spilled out. To wash away these stains, immediately, just sprinkle a little salt on the smeary area. Wait until the oven is cold, you can clean it up.

It is undeniable that microwave is a truly tool to heating foods in a healthful and convenient way. However, using it safely and efficiently is always the priority. Learn more about how safe is your microwave.