How To Use And Store Knives Safely

In the kitchen, there are lots of utensils which can let you in danger of potential accidents. Knife is one of the essential tools and richest in style and features in the kitchen. However, if you don’t know how to use it safely and store it carefully, not only are you in difficulties when cutting, dicing or mincing food, but also it can hurt you and your other family members, especially children.

So let’s have a look some helpful tips for knife safety and storage and apply them for real time.

How to Use knives safely

  • Depending on your tasks and the foods, you should use a suitable knife. There are various types of knives which are used as utensils such as: boning knife used for removing the bones, carving knife utilized for carving large cooked meats and bread knife for cutting bread…

  • Always keep knives sharp. You should regrind all your knives since a dull knife can be more dangerous to use.
  • Use a stable surface. Avoid leaving knives loose on work top surfaces as they can be accidentally pushed off. Wood cutting board is always the best choice for cutting and whittling. Other types including plastic or grass cutting board can make your knives dulled rapidly. You should clean cutting board carefully after using it. It is recommended to have separate cutting boards for raw foods and cooked foods.
  • Always keep knives and hold them carefully when washing up. It’s better to wash it up separately instead of throwing it in the sink which is full of dishes and plates. After that, dry them before storing them.
  • Always keep knife in a sheath. If you want to carry a knife, wear it on your belt with the blade pointing downwards instead of putting it in your pocket.
  • Don’t try to catch a falling knife. When we see a thing falling, we tend to take it under our inertia. Remember this rule if you don’t want to hurt yourself.

How to Store knives safely

You have already known how to use knives safely. But wait! Do you know the safe way to store them? If you leave them carelessly somewhere in the kitchen, you can put yourself or anyone at risk. One important rule is that always keeping your knives out of reach of small children.

4 ways available to store your knives are hanging them on the wall, arranging them in a drawer, using knife bags or putting them on the counter.

  • Hang on the wall:

Using a magnetic knife strip mounted on the wall is an amazing ideal to store your knives. If you have space, this method makes it easy to observe every knife and don’t waste your time searching for the one you need. One thing you should keep in mind is that just using a magnetic knife which has the magnet strong enough to avoid snapping the knife to the bar, then preventing from chipping the knife.

  • Use a drawer

In case you can’t suspend your knives on the wall, using in-drawer storage for your knives is the way to go. You should arrange your knives in an order to protect your fingers. Nowadays, for maximum flexibility, it is easy to find a drawer with different slots that can fit your plenty of knife sizes.

In-drawer knife storage allows you to keep your knives out of the counter area; however, it is not safe if you have children. As an alternative, you could use a lock on your knife drawer.

  • Use knife bags

This method is relatively common with people who always travel with their knives such as chefs. Using a knife bag or roll make them do look cool and professional. On the other hand, it is such a big pain for using these bags and rolls in kitchen. No one wants to waste time to find a knife in a bag and then, clean it up and store it back again.

  • Put on the counter

It is truly helpful to use a counter-top knife block when you have a spare counter space and you don’t want to keep your knives out of your work surface. Some counter-top knife blocks are made with a diagonal; although, you can slide knives at an angle, a lot of space is taken up on the counter. Otherwise, you can select a block with different slots at the top which can save space and give a clean and elegant look. When you slide the knife, don’t press the sharp side of the knife against the wood. It will help you to protect the sharpness of your blade.

In a nutshell, there are various options for storing your knives safely. You can select the best way depending on your kitchen space, your favorite and importantly your budget. Furthermore, it is much necessary to know how to use and dispose knives securely.