Tips To Do Gardening Every Weekend

Gardening is the indispensable task for families who have gardens. Once you have the ideas for building a garden for your house, you will have ideas for gardening. Gardening does not only consist of cleaning but also many other tasks like planting, taking care of the grass and sometimes harvesting. Today, I will give you tips to do gardening effectively in your free time at the weekend.

  1. Gardening basics

Firstly, to have a good preparation for gardening, we ought to buy the least necessary tools for this work. A lot of families allow their children to do gardening with these tools and their children learn a lot from this. Here are some tools for gardening that you should buy.

  • A mini shovel

The shovel will be used to cultivate the soils make the soil more fertilized. In the hot season, the heat of the sun will make the first surface of the soil in the garden dry very quickly. After that, the soil under the ground will become drier, too.

As a result, the trees cannot live on the grounds that the soil does not have enough nutrients to provide for the growth of trees. Therefore, we have to use the shovel more often to get it out and water it in order to increase its fertility.

  • A watering pot

A watering pot is important. These days, people who do gardening often set up a modern drainage system for the garden as this system is very effective in watering all the trees on a large land. However, we still need a watering pot for watering small flowers.

Sometimes, we have to come to each tree, come to each flower to take care of it so we cannot water so much water. Each small plant only needs to be fed with some drops of water so a watering pot is of the best suitability.

  • Some pairs of gloves

The gloves are vital to help protect our hands by preventing the dirt from the soil. The soil often contains a lot of bacteria and worms which are very beneficial for the fertility of the soil and for the development of the trees. By contrast, they are very harmful to our hands. You know, if the bacteria intrude into our bodies through our skin, we will get sick and some diseases. Therefore, wearing a pair of gloves is essential.

In addition, it is a great idea to let our children to do garden with us but they are required to wear the gloves. They will learn more about keeping clean and keeping healthy all the time.

  • Buckets and baskets

We had better prepare some buckets and baskets for containing water, gardening utensils and waste respectively. We often contain the water in some watering pot so the buckets will be utilized to store gloves, mini shovels and some other tiny tools. The baskets are used to gather waste in the garden.

These are all the indispensable tools for gardening at the weekend. I believe that with those tools, you will have a lot of fun in your garden.

  1. Do gardening

As said above, there will have a lot of tasks related to gardening and in this partI will tell you more about this work.

  • Planting

Plating seems to be the most interesting activities in doing gardening on the grounds that it will help us improve our imagination and stimulate us to generate more ideas to arrange types of trees.

As usual, in a large garden, therewill have some types of trees and flowers to be planted. Our responsibility is to classify them and then arrange them in different corner. After that we will use the shovel to cultivate the soil and create different flower beds.

For instance, if we grow the roses, we can give them one or two flower beds next to each other. Each of other type of trees will be located in one separate place and when they are all blossoms, there will appear a lot of color carpets in your garden.

  • Cut the grass

There is no need to cut all the grass on the grounds that the grass can protect the soil and keep our garden greener. Therefore, we should cut the grass only when it grows too fast and it is too long.

Every weekend, it is necessary to water the grass so that it is always green and can provide more fresh air for our space.

  • Harvesting

Both adults and children are interested in harvesting after a long period of growing and taking care of the trees. When the flowers are blossoming, we can pick up some of them to display in our room. We will save a lot of money for buying flowers in the market to decorate our rooms.