Best Tips For Using An Airfyer

When it comes to equipment for our kitchen, there should have an air fryer to help us process more delicious dishes. Housewives usually want to cook more quickly tastily but with the time limited and the insufficient command of recipe, they may feel confused. With some airfryer review as bellows I think that you will have more experience in cooking. In this article, I will give you more details about the structure and operation of this stove as well as some tips to use it.

  1. The structure of an air fryer

To define, the air fryer is indeed a stove which helps housewives fry almost all kinds of food with a view to diversify the dishes more often. Using the stoves is advantageous for many reasons, especially for our health improvement.

First, we should get more details about the structure of this stove. Here are the main parts every user has to know.

  • Fry drawer

Each air fryer has a drawer to contain the food you intend to fry. As usual, the air fryer is small with moderate sizes for frying enough food for one meal of the family so the fry drawer is small, too.

The drawer is safe for containing food. It can be made of hard plastic or metal. These materials will have nearly no harm to the food and to our health. You know that when the fryer works, the temperature inside is very high. If the material cannot resist such high temperature, there will have some chemical reactions and the food nutrients will be deformed.

  • Push – release button

This button helps us to get the fry basket in and out. We only need to press the button to push the fry drawer or press the button once again to release the drawer.

  • Handle bar

The handle bar is mounted on the fry drawer so that after frying, we can hold the drawer and get the food out. If there is no handle bar, we will touch the hot drawer and it will be easy to be burnt in our hand. That is why we need the handle bar.

  • Control center

The control center of an air fryer consists of buttons to set frying time and adjust the temperature. Before frying, we will have to have a full check and set up so that the food is fried quickly and safely.

  • The air inlet and outlet

As its name, the air fryer has an air inlet and an air outlet to absorb and release the air during frying respectively. We will not need to use any oil. Instead, by heating the air that comes in through the inlet, the stove can fry food.

  • Power cable

The power cable is to connect the stove with the electric source. Almost all air fryers use electric energy to fry and this makes it have high capacity. That is why this stove can fry food very quickly.

  1. Tips for using an air fryer

In the part above, we all understand the structure and the operation of the air fryer. However, using it is not simple. We have to pay attention to all the parts and have a regular check for all of them. In addition, there will have some notes for you as bellows.

  • Keep the fry drawer and fry basket clean all the time and before frying
  • The shell of the fryer needs to be dry in order to avoid electric leaking
  • Always put the food into the basket before plugging the power cable
  • Set the time and choose suitable temperature before starting
  • Remember to unplug and clean the stove after using
  • Pay attention to smell of food released to avoid overcooking
  • Limit frying so many types of food at the same time

These are the most common notes for using an air fryer that you need to keep in mind.

In conclusion, in using any kind of stove in our kitchen, particularly using an air fryer, it is necessary to understand its operation first. During utilizing, we will figure out the right principles of your own stove. However, for some first times, do not forget to find more information about this product.