Things You Should Know Before Buying A Vacuum Cleaner

In this modern society, the vacuum cleaner is becoming one of the most important machines for every household. A lot of vacuums are sold in the market and people are sometimes bewildered as there are too many models of dissimilar designs and functions. Also, different brands confuse customers a lot.

Some people trust shark brand and often consult in shark vacuum reviews to choose the best one. Today, I also want to provide you with some tips before buying a vacuum so that you can have a perfect product.

  1. Types of vacuum machines

How many types of vacuum machines are there in the market today? There are a number of types but generally, we can divide them into two main types: standing (upright) and canister vacuum cleaner. Some other people divide them into several types with and without dust bags. You can divide in your own way as long as you understand the differences between these types. Here are the two types according to our division.

  • A standing vacuum cleaner

A standing vacuum cleaner is often bulky and heavy. There is a long pipe that helps us to clean almost all corners of the houses. In particular, it is very easy to vacuum dust under the cabinet, the table or the bed.

The cleaning attachment can be rotated so it is convenient for us to vacuum the dust on the carpet and of the sofa. However, the disadvantage of using an upright machine is that we will have to spend much effort to bring the machine or drag it due to its heavy weight.

  • A canister vacuum cleaner

The canister vacuum cleaner has compact design with light weight, which is well – liked by many people. This machine is very easy to move around the house and it helps to save much storing places.

This is the most popular model of vacuum machine in the market as it has reasonable prices and outstanding functions. Nonetheless, the capacity of this machine is not as high as the capacity of an upright vacuum cleaner. You can find this model in every home center.

Apart from these two types, people also equip a handy vacuum which is small and light. This type is especially used to vacuum feather on the sofa and the dust in high places. In the kitchen, it is also a good idea to use a handy vacuum cleaner to remove all the food waste on the table.

  1. Considering important factors

When we come to the store to choose a vacuum cleaner for our house, it is better to have a full check for all the important factors of the machine as bellows.

  • Suitable capacity of vacuuming

The capacity of the machine is the first factor we have to take into account. Choosing a machine with suitable capacity is not simple since it is related to many other things such as how large your house is and how often you use the machine.

As usual, a vacuum cleaner with the capacity more than 500W is a good one that can meet your requirements in terms of vacuuming. One note is that you ought to buy the vacuum that has large vacuum capacity but does not consume much electric power. These items are often integrated with high – tech motor helping people clean quickly and safely.

  • Alerting lamp

Nowadays, almost all the vacuum cleaners have alerting lamps for the purpose of informing users about the capacity of the dust bag or about the time for cleaning the machine.

Sometimes, there are problems caused by dust leaking. At that time, the lamps will be light and may generate some sound to inform you. This is an outstanding feature of a vacuum cleaner.

  • Brands for vacuum cleaner

Up to the present, there have been a heap of brands such as Shark, Hitachi, Sanyo, LG and Panasonic and so on. These brands have a chain of retailers in many countries all over the world. Therefore, it is very easy to look for their stores. Here, we can select and test any model of vacuum machine.

Or you can come to the center or electronics stores to choose one machine among so many of different brands.