A List Of Home Tools

It is said that taking care of your house regularly will help remove confusing troubles and keep your family happy together. These days, there are a lot of tools to support people in perfecting their houses, especially in repairing. However, for each kind of mistakes or break – down in the house, there will have some certain tools.

For this reason, a lot of people have difficulties in choosing tools for home. In this article, I will give you practical experiences and tips for buying home tools.

Types Of Knives

In our houses, knife seems to one of the tools utilized the most. As usual, the knife is used to slice, cut and even grind some types of meat and vegetable. However, in the fields of house repairing we require the knives with the shape as bellows.

  • Planar concave

A knife of planar concave shape is not too common in fixing home appliances. It is one kind of special knife for honing wooden materials. With the concave shape, it will be far easier for you to process sticks or blocks made of wood.

  • Wedge

A wedge – shaped knife is very sharp and pointy, which makes it outstanding in poking some materials. In several cases, if we do not have a screwdriver, we can even use such a knife to drive the screws.

  • Chisel – shaped

A chisel – shaped knife does not have a pointy blade but it is also very sharp. It is helpful in designing and processing types of wooden appliances.

Adhesive Tape

Adhesive tape is very popular and it is utilized in almost all the work in people’s life. In more details, this tape allows us to stick something to something. There are also many types of adhesive tapes which allow people to stick objects on different kinds of materials such as wood, metal and wall. Frankly, this is also an indispensable tool for every home.

Water Pump Pliers

The water pump pliers are very useful in helping people to solve problems which come from the drainage system or pumping system in our houses. More specific, if there is any leak in the pumping pipes and some trouble with the sump pump structure, using the water pump pliers will give you satisfactory results.

In particular, we will use the pliers to adjust the screws and press the pipe in order to prevent the water from leaking, for instance. In addition to this, we can use the pliers for many other purposes.

Electric Pen

An electric pen is usually used to test the intense of the electric power. This is one of the tools used the most, like the knife. Particularly, when we buy any household appliance which requires the electric connection, we had better use the electric pen to test the power first so that we will know whether the power intense is suitable for the operation of the appliances.


The tape is also very common. This tool helps us to have exact measurements on devices, appliances and the construction of the rooms. We may use this tool every day if we have to deal with broken machines or destruction in the house corner.

Head Torch

A head torch should be indispensable in our house on the grounds that we will use it more than we think. We can utilize it in a lot of cases. To describe, the head torch provides us with more light, which is very necessary when the light goes off.

However, in terms of house repairing, we will use the head torch to bring more light to the small slits in order to fix them. More interestingly, if we have to use our both hands to repair some objects, we can mount this torch on our head. The torch will stand on our head very steadily and we can repair with full of light.

Bottom line: we cannot deny that there are a large number of home tools but we just need to buy some basic ones which are able to repair common and even a bit difficult mistakes in our houses. I believe that the experiences shared above are helpful for you when it comes to choosing a list of home tools.