Types Of Espresso Machine For Your Family

These days, almost all people tend to choose the espresso coffee, instead of drinking coffee with the traditional flavor. This makes the espresso machine become more popular. We can see that machine in every coffee shop.

However, nowadays, a lot of families want to have this machine so that they can make tasty coffee for their retired parents and grandparents. Of course, it is recommended to buy the best home espresso machine that has perfect capacity and durability. In this article, I will help you understand more types of espresso machines and give you some tips to choose.

Types Of Espresso Machines

There are four types of espresso machines and in this first partI will give you more details.

  • Manual Espresso Machine

The manual espresso machine is often called the piston machine and this type is especially designed for home demands. The manual coffee maker is in fact a handy machine which is suitable for those who have light demand for coffee. Even though the capacity is not large, this machine is able to supply coffee for your whole families.

The structure of this machine is quite simple and a lot of barista in the world highly appreciate the functions of this machine, particularly detaching espresso coffee. The machine can take control over the pressure, time and the amount of water flowing through coffee powder, which allows it to create the perfect flavor.

In addition to this, the manual machine can be used in a small coffee shop with about 100 – 200 customers per day. The machine does not require electric power. That makes it so perfect that it is now attractive to almost all the families. The cost for repairing or maintenance for the machine is also low.

  • Semi – Automatic Espresso Machine

A semi – automatic espresso machine often has 1 group – head. The reason is that the barista has to keep an eye on the operation of the machine on the grounds that it cannot estimate the whole time for the process of making coffee. If it has more group– heads, it will be more difficult for the users to pay attention to.

In Italia and some countries in Europe, the semi – automatic espresso machine is very popular and almost all the barista are well trained. You can buy this machine with 1 group – head to control more easily. One advantage is that the machine is cheaper than other types but it has better ability to check the pressure and the temperature of the water for making coffee.

  • Automatic Espresso Machine

This machine has an available program for different functions. If your families have many members and you do not have much time to make coffee, it is advisable to buy an automatic espresso machine. You can have more milk or cream as you want after the machine finish making coffee.

One thing interesting is that you will not have to pay attention to the water amount, the operation or the pressure on the grounds that the machine can carry out such duties for you.

In this modern time, with the development of technologies, people integrate a lot of functions into this machine. The automatic espresso machine is outstanding as it as 5 knobs to adjust short or long single and short or long double.

  • Super – Automatic Espresso Machine

The super – automatic espresso machine has all of the functions and outstanding feature of the automatic machine but the ability to remove all the residues can only be seen in a super – automatic type. Therefore, its price is very high.

Of course, we will not have to worry about the quality and durability of the machine on the grounds that all these things are perfect.

Some Tips For Choosing

We know the four types of espresso machines and we also have to remember some notes as bellows to choose one item you like.

  • Choose the machine that has moderate capacity – suitable for your family requirements
  • Only choose the machine that has one group – head for family
  • The coffee machine should be able to keep the heat for long
  • Care about the brands and the retailers
  • Come to the store and test the machine before paying for it

These are some notes I think will be helpful for you.