The Numerous Types Of Guitars For The Beginners

It takes for granted that musical instruments guitar is quite common in society, in line with all objects, classes, therefore, the popularity of the guitar seems to No. 1 in the above categories worldwide.If you want to be the best beginner guitar, you should prefer to learn, surely one question always arises with certain types of guitars, and what are the characteristics of each type of the guitar? This article will help you answer these questions.

  1. Acoustic Guitar

This is the most common type of guitar penetrating musical life with a great solo or harmony, in every location, it will do very well its role.

  • Characteristics of acoustic guitar

  • Key narrow
  • Thin guitar box with an additional piece on the soundboard to avoid scratches when the plectrum is strum.
  • Some types of acoustic guitars have straps next to
  • The wires are made primarily from iron or plastic wire.
  • Often made mainly from wood lightweight, and easily carried away.
  • Audio Features

Compared to other instruments, the sound of the acoustic guitar is usually smaller plants and thus it is playing acoustic guitar in the orchestra, it is usually more associated sensors used to amplify the sound (called pick-up).

  • The variation of acoustic guitar

The acoustic guitar has a lot of variations to the common form is known as:

  • Classical Guitar

Classical guitars zither with 6 strings barrels (usually made of plastic), to hear the sound emitted mellow. This instrument can be used in a wide variety of different genres: from Spanish music, folk, jazz to musical ensembles and soloists and the musicians often play sitting in a fixed position.

Classical guitar is under the strings, vocal about 3 octaves, which is made from different types of wood, with a length of approximately 1 m. This instrument is developed from the Middle Ages. Early, it appeared in Spain and Italy, the period that it is more compact shape Guitar classical types today.

  • Flamenco Guitar

Flamenco guitar is an acoustic guitar line, with the same texture as the classical guitar, but it is lighter, and usually made of wood of spruce or cypress.

A distinguishing characteristic of flamenco guitar with others is it exploits a plate (golpeadores) glued to the table, which has a protective effect on herd.

  1. Guitar with 12 Strings

A type of guitar has 12 strings barrels, which is more than double the number of types of guitar strings standard barrels.In other words, it is the kind of guitar with 6 pairs based on common types of guitars: No. 1 is the node pair Mi; No. 2 pair is the node Si; No.3 pair is node Sol, which is similar to the rest nodes.

Guitar strings are attached to the wire 12, about 3-octave vocal range, which are made from wood, metal or plastic. Early 19th century, it has been attaching to the instrument volume increase noise levels.In the band, 12-string guitar play duties as pacemaker chord buffer. It emits sound quite “shrill” as if there are 2 guitar and used once.

  1. Guitar Torres

Guitar Torres is a precursor to the modern acoustic guitar types. It has equipment rose tones in the fan-shaped molds in the lower edge of the body above. These devices make greater sound output.Torres Guitar strings are attached to measure 3.5 octave vocal range, a total length of 81 cm. The body of guitar is made of wood with cat gut 6 wires.

Torres guitar was created in 1852, with larger sizes of guitar before, especially in the male body. Later, it was restructured to the inside of the body of musical sounds bigger wines.

  1. Guitar Flat-Top

It is a variation of types of acoustic guitar, but has the steel wire with a larger size than the classical guitar.  Flat-top design can also have better, stronger, and therefore, when playing sound emanating from the flat-top is also larger, it is more impressive than those classical guitar.

  1. Hawaiian Guitar

Hawaii also has 6 strings guitar as acoustic guitar, but no keys. Players use a stick (block) metal (brass, stainless steel) in their left hand on the neck block to create the keys. Short lengths of strings blocked passage will create the notes.When playing, the piano often to herd lap. To the right hand strumming 1 of 4 nails (similar foundations of zither players) it is inserted four fingers: one, point, middle, ring. In addition, Hawaiian guitar plays a lot of training because of the length of the strings sound, which can be changed, and therefore, the sounding is melodious than usual guitar.