Reverse Osmosis System Buying Guide

Do you want to have pure water for drinking and for any other activity of your family? Of course, the answer is yes. My family has been using the reverse osmosis filter for years and I find out that we can reduce a lot of bad symptoms caused by using unhealthy water. With the best reverse osmosis system your family will have the water filtered and have the bacteria in the water removed.

In this post, I will share with you some practical experiences in choosing to buy such a system and also help you understand more about how this system works.

Figure Out The Water Problems

First and foremost, you should understand the features and characteristics of the water flow used in your family. For the RO (reverse osmosis) system, there are a lot of types and each of them is suitable for filtering one certain kinds of water source. Analyzing the water flow in your house is essential to find out the most effective RO system. Here are some common problems with the household water supply.

  • Contain Chemicals

Containing too many chemical substances is one of the most common problems to the water in families nowadays. Every day, if we do not have an intelligent drainage system, the water will be infectious with chemicals from gas used in the kitchen and many other activities in your families.

There are several kinds of chemicals that the water can be infectious with such as tear gases, chlorine, phosgene and diphosgene and mustard gas. In this part, I will tell you more about the water containing a large amount of chlorine.

Smell and appearance: it smells as a distinct mix of pepper and pineapple

Effects: provides more acid which erodes almost everything, including our skin and our stomach

Casualties with it: there are more than 1000 casualties with chlorine as estimated

  • Fading Out

The water fading out is also one serious problem for you to care about. As usual, the water can turn into yellow or black. Both cases are dangerous to our health. There may have some water scums on the water surface or some yellow debris when you get the water in the glass.

This phenomenon can be due to the poison in the water such as the infection of some dirty sources (caused by the leak in the drainage system). When the water turns its color, it also means that its characteristics are changed.

  • Too Many Insects

Sometimes, you can see a lot of dead insects in your water such as mosquitoes and flies. At that time, you have to stop using the water on the grounds that your water is poisoned. The poison in the water makes the insects die and the poison will also affect badly your health.

These are some common problems to the water that you should know. When you figure out any of these problems, please stop using that water and have the most suitable solutions.

Your Demands For RO System

As said above, each type of RO system is only effective for one certain kind of water. Thus, you will have to point out one standing out from other types. In this step, you should also analyze your demands.

It is related to your finances. If the water is infectious with chlorine but the amount of this chemical is just small and it is not the alarming condition, you can choose to buy a cheap filter of high quality. The capacity of the system is smaller, too.

Choose One Suitable Type Of RO System

There are many types for RO systems and you should figure out what you need the most. You can have a carafe water filter, faucet – mounted filter, countertop filter, under – sink filter and reverse osmosis water filter. Choosing the right types will help you improve the water quality.

Bottom Line

As you can see, now choosing a good system for filtering water in your family is no longer difficult or complicated. I hope that with the information above, you will absolutely select a best system and you will have green water to use. If you want some further details related to the reverse osmosis system please contact us anytime.